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Five reasons you need WristBrella Skincare Wristbands for your daily skincare routine

If you’re a skincare lover, you likely know about that magical feeling that happens at the beginning or end of each day, when it’s time to refresh your face and apply all of your favorite elixirs.

 However, if you regularly practice a skincare routine, you probably also know about the less pleasant consequence of a good face washing where water goes everywhere, and you’re left with a bit of a mess all over you, your bathroom counter, and your entire skincare product set up.

 If the above scenario sounds familiar, the good news is that there is a solution: Enter WristBrella Water Absorbent Skincare Wristbands. A patented invention in the realm of all things Self-care, these new accessories are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite skincare rituals without the need to clean or change your clothes - or dry the whole bathroom - afterwards. So how do they work exactly? Here is what you need to know:


What is WristBrella: Skincare Magic in the Making

An incredible innovation for making skincare easier, cleaner, and less messy, WristBrellas are the first ever set of fitted, water-absorbent, terry cloth cotton wristbands designed to prevent spillage while washing your face.

 The idea first came to the creators of WristBrella in 2018. Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee by a husband and wife team, who saw a need for something new in the world of beauty, bath&body, and personal care accessories. They began working on developing their own special design, and after numerous testing trials to get it just right, they filed for their first utility patent in 2019 followed by filing design patent later. Essentially providing umbrella-like protection, the name itself is a combination of the words. Wrist + Umbrella = WristBrella. And the rest, as they say, is history!


Five Reasons to Use and Love WristBrella

Reason #1: WristBrellas are comfortable and convenient for everyone

Stretchable, adjustable, and available in over a dozen different color options, WristBrellas make it so that anyone and everyone can use them. They fit on any part of the wrist - or even the forearms - to prevent water from spilling down the arms while washing. Plus, unlike a spa headband that protects only your hair, they protect your cuffs and sleeves, your jewelry or watch, your clothing, and your bathroom counter and floors from unwanted wetness.

 Reason #2: WristBrella Skincare Wristbands are designed to be ultra absorbent and super durable

A unique combination of functional design meets high quality material, WristBrellas are made from 100% double-sided terry cloth cotton. Using this natural, plant-based material not only makes them amazingly absorbent, but also long-lasting in terms of their strength and durability. They’re also handmade, adding a truly personal touch.

 Reason #3: WristBrella bands are oh-so easy to use and care for

In addition to making your life easier for your morning and evening skincare ritual, another perk of the product is that WristBrella bands don’t require any extensive care or cleanup of their own. The double sided design makes it so that they can be turned inside out and reused, making them a super sustainable option. Then once you are finished using, WristBrellas can be thrown in your drying machine for one or two cycle. To machine wash, simply toss them in with the rest of your laundry, followed by one or two cycles in the dryer. Following these steps, they’ll be good as new for your next use!

 Reason #4: WristBrellas are the best body product and beauty tool for spa-like luxury

With their fluffy, soft, and stretchy material, you will also love the touch of luxury that WristBrellas add to any routine. They essentially feel like slipping into a cozy, comfortable cotton robe, so that you can enjoy a feeling of spa-level bliss every time you put them on. WristBrellas make a great gift for any skincare lover in your life. Plus, with the customizable array of colors, you can match any outfit, or collect them all and mix up your routine according to your mood.

 Reason #5: WristBrella Skincare Wristbands are a multipurpose essential for upleveling your self care routine

The reviews are in, and according to customers, WristBrella™ invention is a “game-changer.” As a lifestyle essential, users love the way our wrist cuffs keep your skincare routine mess free. Not only can they be used to prevent water from dripping, but they can also be used to dry or blot up excess water after you’re finished cleansing your face. If you love to use facial masks or apply makeup, you could also consider adding WristBrella Water Absorbent Wrist Cuffs to the rest of your beauty routine to protect your clothing and other tools from catching stray product residue, saving you valuable time and the stress of extra clean up.

Other Important Things to Know

If you’re ready for a new kind of innovation in your beauty routine, WristBrellas are the original skincare wristbands! We are so immensely excited to serve our amazing customers, and we want to welcome you to the WristBrella family! Designed in and shipped from the United States, the wristbands are now available in our shop, they are made from 100% cotton, yet priced affordably enough to allow the purchase of multiple pairs for your skin, bath, body, and beauty needs.

 We love hearing your feedback on our product, and encourage you to stay in touch via our newsletter and social media for additional tips, tricks, special offers, giveaways, and more. WristBellas are made with care and love, and we can’t wait for you to experience the difference they make for your daily self care.