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More Than Just A Skincare Accessory: Three Creative Ways to Use Wristbrellas for Personal Care

If you’ve invested in a pair of Wristbrella Wristbands or are thinking about treating yourself to a pair, you probably already know that they’re an amazing tool for using during your daily skincare routine. After all, they were specially designed - using 100% double-sided terry cloth cotton - to prevent water from running down your arms while you wash.

However, what many of our customers don’t realize is just how truly versatile Wristbrellas are for personal care practices. Beyond washing your face, they are a multi-purpose, multitasking accessory that can help you go about your day with more ease and much less mess.

To help you get the most out of your Wristbrella Skincare Wristbands, here are some of our favorite other ways to use them in your daily routine:

Use #1: Teeth Brushing for The Whole Family

Want to make dental hygiene more fun for everyone? Because Wristbrellas are super stretchy and comfy, they’re able to fit the wrists of both adults and children. They can be used while brushing teeth, and are an especially great way to get your little ones excited to brush, without splashing water all over the bathroom counters and floors.

As an added bonus, Wristbrellas come in over a dozen different colors, making it easy to assign each family member their own personal pair in their own signature shade.

Use #2: Shaving Legs and Underarms

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to complete your full primping and pampering rituals. However, with Wristbrellas, you can easily sneak in a quick shave for your legs and underarms, without even having to hop in the shower.

The ultra-absorbent plush cotton bands work just like a towel for your wrists, making it possible to get silky smooth and out the door in no time at all.

Use #3: Men’s Shave Care

Did you know that Wristbrellas aren’t just for women? It’s true! Men love Wristbrellas for their own grooming routine. Fitting easily over the wrists or forearms, they work to perfectly protect your watch and shirt sleeves from splashing water while you shave your face.

They’re also great on the go, so you can keep them in your gym bag or briefcase, or take them along wherever you travel, for quick and easy touch-ups.

Other Important Things to Know: Wristbrellas were invented by a busy mom who understands the challenges of balancing self care with the demands of work, parenting, and running a household. We created our innovative design to help you do it all and still enjoy a bit of spa-like luxury alongside your everyday tasks. Be sure to stay tuned for more tips and tricks for use, and also be sure to let us know how you love using your Wristbrellas!

We love hearing from our community of amazing customers and seeing what you come up with, so drop us a line with your feedback anytime!