WristBrellas were created to be your BFF for your at-home skincare, beauty, bath, and body routines!

My journey to become the brand’s designer and founder began in 2018. While being a busy mom, I envisioned a solution for excess water running down my arms and going just everywhere, every time I went to wash my face. In my mind I knew that there were a lot of people just like me who were tired of wet countertops, clothes, and floors, so I decided that I want to develop a product that would make indulging in everyday beauty rituals less about the stress and mess of cleanup and more about the joyful experience of self care that we all deserve.

After a bit of brainstorming, the idea came to me to create liquid absorbent skincare wristbands, and I began working to bring this unique concept to life. Together with my husband and co-inventor, we came up with the clever name for our product that now embodies our invention and brand. Like an umbrella on your wrist to catch the water, Wrist + Umbrella = WristBrella!

Over the next few years, I spent countless hours sewing first manually and then with my sawing machine to experiment with various designs and fabrics in order to bring you the best possible end result. My dream was to create an accessory that functioned just like your favorite cozy bathroom towel - but this time right on your wrists - soaking up all water while washing face, washing off facial masks, double cleansing, practicing facial massage, and more.

After testing synthetic and other similar materials I was able to determine that not just any fabric would do. The material would need to be the most absorbent to be able to hold a decent amount of water.

After all of my testing, it became clear that the solution was double-sided 100% cotton terry cloth of a specific weight /grams per square meter. Also known as “white gold,” cotton is a renewable and biodegradable material, making it ideal for manufacturing a sustainable product that my customers could use over and over enjoying every single time and not only for their beauty routines, but also for the variety of tasks.

Throughout this rigorous process I learned a lot and found more uses for the WristBrella Skincare Wristbands. My product comes in handy for more than just your beauty routine, and I’m proud to share that they can be used by your whole family! Thanks to their extra absorbency, incredible comfort and durable design, they also work perfectly for activities like shaving, brushing teeth, bathing kids, washing pets, and even more. The product is stretchable and easy to wear on any part of your wrist and is great for everyone!

Having worked hard to create this innovative product, I am so excited to share WristBrella with you! In October 2021 we officially launched WristBrella Water Absorbent 100% Cotton Skincare Wristbands in our online store. Since then, we have been encouraged to hear positive feedbacks which reaffirmed that WristBrellas are a must-have and game changing beauty accessory. WristBrella™ Skincare Wristbands have a utility patent, design patent, and trademark pending. Looking to the future, we can’t wait to welcome you to the WristBrella family!




Tennesse, USA

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Update: On August 2, 2022 the Design Patent for our product was granted by the USPTO.